Big ceiling lamp Vanda

Oval 6-light ceiling lamp with lampshades shaped like white calla lilies shaded in amber with a sandblasted interior. Handcrafted ivory structure brushed with gold in Italy. Golden leaves further enrich the essential shapes. Ideal for any area of your home.
TIPOLOGY: Ceiling Lamps
STYLE: Classic
SIZE: L65 P125 
BULB: 6xE14
CODE: 4647/OV6
Nature is the muse that inspired the creation of Vanda, a collection of classic lamps exuding floral elegance. Their splendor is the result of many factors perfectly combined. Let's talk about the artisanal craftsmanship of the lamps, executed in Italy, the meticulous attention to detail, the chosen colors, and last but not least, the floral references.

Vanda is a very extensive collection, one of the largest in our catalog, known for its timeless charm, always contemporary. It's impossible not to appreciate its delicate and refined design, as well as the graceful and harmonious lines of its structures. They are all very luminous, crafted in hand-worked iron in ivory and gold tones. The golden note is especially significant in the decorations, namely in the leaves that adorn the various lamp models. In fact, we can say that the leaves are gold-colored, while in the rest of the structures, the golden presence comes from brushstrokes that enhance the beauty of the products.

Each lamp model has its own design and is characterized by distinctive shapes. What identifies the entire collection, however, are the calla lily-shaped lampshades, made of white glass shaded with amber and a sandblasted interior.

Vanda lamps can furnish and illuminate spaces decorated in different styles: classic, rustic, traditional, shabby chic.

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