The modern and contemporary style favors essential structures, with abstract designs, and Yoga is one of our lamp collections in line with these trends. We have interpreted these characteristic traits and turned them into lamp models that stand out for the evocative images they convey.

The Yoga collection consists of lamps that contribute to creating relaxing environments with gentle atmospheres. Just looking at the sinuous lines of their design is enough to unplug, to put your brain on standby. They have an almost hypnotic effect, in a good way.

All lamps are made of bronze metal, in a particular shade resembling meteorite bronze. Therefore, it's a warm tone, which enhances the feeling of warmth given by their illumination. The lighting is direct, without filters. Another characteristic of the collection is the absence of lampshades; the light bulbs are all exposed and play a significant role both in terms of light and aesthetics.

Floor lamp Yoga

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Pendant lamp Yoga

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Table lamp Yoga

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