Rosita is a modern and youthful collection, suitable for various types of environments. It was originally conceived as a feminine line, intended for a teenage girl's bedroom, but its simple design characterized by a delicate color makes it suitable for other contexts as well, which are not necessarily those of a home. What is certain is that it is a line that fits well in those environments furnished with light colors, where white or pastel colors predominate.

The Rosita lamp models have a simple and contemporary design at the same time, conveying order and tranquility. In fact, they consist of cylindrical lampshades in solid-colored fabric. The main color is pink, embellished with a very fine and original decorative pattern in gold. This decorative pattern is created by two zigzagging lines giving rise to many diamonds that chase each other across the entire surface of the lampshade.

Pendant Lamp Rosita

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Table Lamp Rosita

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