In life, we never cease to learn and discover new things, but to a child's eyes, everything is even more magical. One of the first encounters is with the animal world, which sparks fascination and curiosity in little ones. That's why we've chosen to give a distinct identity to our Noè lamp collection, which, like the famous vessel built and used to escape the universal flood, welcomes different animal species.

We find them here in the form of pendants, colorful and made of high-quality solid wood. They depict turtles, frogs, horses, and many other animals. They are all very endearing and will immediately win over children's sympathies.

This line of lamps is characterized by a modern design, perfectly suitable for children's bedrooms, both for boys and girls. Therefore, it represents an optimal choice for shared rooms, as well as being considered as a gift idea for a birth or birthday.

Pendant lamp Noe’

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