The Lexi collection is the ideal solution for those who love reading in bed. It consists of LED wall lamps with an adjustable structure and directional light. With their on/off switch, they cater to various functionalities, meeting different needs.

Having a flexible light point above the headboard is beneficial for reading, as it prevents eye strain. It's also useful for shared beds, accommodating both readers and those who prefer darkness. Nighttime habits vary, and it's common for one person in a couple to want to sleep while the other reads. With a Lexi spotlight, everyone's preferences are met.

Moreover, wall spotlights are essential in small bedrooms where there's a need for a small light source within reach but not enough space for a bedside table.

The design of the collection is very simple, almost essential. The models are made of metal in various color variations. They are suitable for different styles, although they lean towards contemporary furnishings.

Grey wall lamp Lexi

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Silver wall lamp Lexi

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White wall lamp Lexi

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